Ahmad Cissé is based in Detroit.

      Peace to all. I trust this piece finds you well. My name is Ahmad Adisa Bamba Cissé. I am a well-rounded creative that enjoys modeling, photography, reading, writing, gardening, soccer, etc. I have decisively embarked on my modeling journey on August 1st, 2020. I trust that this is a piece you will enjoy.


   My life story is briefly as follows. I was born in The Bronx, NY on 11/19/1995. However, most of my childhood was spent in Sénégal. Therefore, most of my development and childhood memories are connected to my heritage. For this reason in particular, I always identify with my heritage before my place of birth because my time in the land of my ancestors induced a deep connection to Sénégalese culture. After years of being immersed in the truth of who I was, I came back to the USA in 2011 to complete my education at Christopher Columbus High School in NYC. Nonetheless, I did not graduate at this school. Because, several years later, in the summer of 2014, my parents decided to leave the city of New York for new beginnings in Detroit. Which led me to being a Cody High School graduate instead. Although, I was not receptive of the change at that period - with wisdom, growth, and understanding - I do express gratitude for the direction life has carried me and the connections that blossomed since moving to the historical city of Detroit.


   Early in 2020, I picked up photography as a hobby. Unaware of the trajectory of this initiative, I saw myself making photography my newfound niche. I first modeled for the brand by the name of Detroit Is The New Black on August 1st, 2020. I met the brand owner at a Juneteeteenth block party. The results of this shoot initiated a perpetual effect which came with being casted for a fashion show hosted by the same brand a month later. Networking at such an event of this magnitude was inevitable. I mainly got to connect with designers, photographers, and stylists.


   Of many journeys in life, a new one has begun. I am present. Flowing with the current as it carries me to more of life’s gifts. Asé.

Much love and gratitude for taking the time to connect.



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