StockX is an e-commerce marketplace that has a strong foothold in the domain of sneaker culture and contemporary high fashion.

Purpose: To create the next generation of commerce for the next generation customer.

Vision: To be the world's leading e-commerce marketplace for consumers of street wear and high fashion.

Damari is a Philadelphia based mens and womenswear house with a mission to create a truly singular experience for our sartorially savvy clientele, all from our flagship store in Old City. We are redefining modern suiting with creativity, styling, and precise tailoring, all while keeping culture at the forefront.

“She’s Black” is a Black Owned Clothing Company based out of New York. 

Regarding the Black Woman/Womb-man is as our Most Valuable Resource and the Healer of our Nation. She’s Black uses the bold statement "I Met God, She's Black" as a catalyst to persuade and provoke thought pertaining knowledge of self. Our mission is to produce quality clothing with a message that creates change through thoughtfulness and spirituality.

Bergdorf Goodman is a household name in the world of fashion. One of the greatest of luxury and fashion retailers. They challenge themselves to continue to innovate, adapt and engage their customers to shop with them anytime, anywhere and any place.

Levi's is a leader in the world of denim manufacturing. They have branched out to the extent where they are know for innovations that transcend the denim world.

Nike is one of the world's top sportswear brands. They have dominated the arena of athletic wear for multiple generations.

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